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All natural, traditional superfoods. Cooked to perfection with age-perfected recipes.



Fuss-free traditional hand-cleaned bird's nest. Cooked to fragrant perfection with recipes passed down through generations. A generous amount of succulent and double-boiled bird's nests (more than one whole nest) in each of our bottles.

The effortless way to get your daily intake of fragrant bird's nest with all its natural goodness.

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3 tablespoons full in the morning on an empty stomach

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What is Purest Nest?  

We use premium, traditional hand-cleaned Asian Swiftlet bird's nest, cooked to fragrant perfection with recipes passed down the generations. Each bottle contains 9 grams of pure bird's nest.

Three tablespoons a day on an empty stomach for optimal absorption.

Superfoods for the Empresses

An indulgence of Chinese Empresses of old, bird's nest a.k.a "Caviar of the East" is harvested from the nests South-East Asian swallows. Consumed for a multitude of benefits including beauty reasons, bird's nest is widely considered to be a prized superfood.

Responsibly & Ethically Made

Sustainably sourced and cleaned in our partner farms in Indonesia, cooked to perfection with all natural ingredients here in Singapore.

Our bird's nests are cooked and bottled in facilities in Singapore adhering to strict HACCP standards. All bottles bear the Made in Singapore mark.


Bringing the goodness of bird's nest to the world ethically, honestly and transparently.

100% Natural

Free of artificial flavouring, colouring, preservatives, synthetic stabilisers and chemical processing.

Premium Ingredients

Our reputable suppliers provide only the freshest and highest quality produce.

Always Fresh

Delivered direct from our kitchen in Singapore to your doorstep in 1-3 days.

Premium Quality

Ethically harvested from the best farms in Southeast Asia and hand-cleaned the traditional way.

Subscribe & Save

We rolled out a fuss-free, super easy to use subscription model with no long term commitments so our customers can enjoy greater savings and have a consistent supply of this goodness delivered direct to doorstep every month.

Why Purest Nest ?

traditional recipes passed down for generations

no chemicals and colorants

HACCP standard

cooked in Singapore

9g pure bird's nest in each bottle

100% natural premium ingredients

Our Signature Recipes

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