5 Reasons Why Working Mothers Should Drink
High-Quality Bird's Nest

Noticed your skin
doesn’t look
how it used to?

Plump your skin up and let it glow like Empress Wu Ze Tian who was known for her beauty and eating bird’s nest soup during the Tang Dynasty.

dry cough
or sore throat?

Bird’s nest promotes improved respiratory health due to it's lung nourishing and moisturizing properties in TCM. 

Afraid of sick colleagues
and kids?

Stay in fighting fit condition for your family with a robust immune system that resists the dreaded office flu bug.

Packed full of
good stuff

It's high in glycoprotein content, growth factors, amino acids and minerals - all the nutrients needed to supplement a balanced diet.

Maintain health proactively

Bird's nest is able to address yin and yang imbalances according to your constitution as it's neither a heaty nor cooling food.

Why Purest Nest ?

9g pure bird's nest in each bottle


100% premium natural ingredients


cooked in Singapore


Signature Flavours

Wolfberries & Pandan


American Ginseng & Rock Sugar


Rose & Rock Sugar


Loved by over 2000 women

Great taste, awesome quality ;)

"Loved the texture and the quality. Truly value for money and I am looking forward to enjoying its health benefits too!" - Daphne H.

Taste Good!!

"For me, Im so glad with this bird nest. Not only looks nice but also tastes good and the package is so lovely. Thanks so much!" - Andrea G.