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The Benefits of Bird’s Nest for Overall Health

Amongst the rarest and more exciting superfoods out there, nothing beats edible bird’s nest. Known as yan wo, and more accurately, swiftlets bird’s nest, countless Asian cultures have enjoyed this rarity, especially as bird’s nest soup, not only for its mild flavor and silky texture but also for its health benefits.

And although the scientific community is still catching up with traditional medicine and its thousands of years of knowledge, today, bird’s nest is without a doubt considered a beneficial addition to any diet. Here are the benefits of bird’s nest, bird’s nest drinks and their impact on your overall health.

1. Bird’s Nest is Great for Relieving Cough
Coughs are common, especially during the cold season, when our respiratory systems are more vulnerable. A prolonged cough is more than a nuisance; it can be a symptom of more serious conditions. Warm bird’s nest can be drunk to treat cough and help reduce respiratory discomfort.

2. Bird’s Nest Improves Your Appetite
Enjoying food made with bird’s nest or drinking bird’s nest beverages will help you balance your eating habits by incentivizing your appetite at regular intervals. Lack of appetite is a symptom of many maladies, but you still have to eat, even when you don’t feel so well. Bird’s nest can help with that.

3. Bird’s Nest Helps You Have Healthier Skin
You can prevent dried skin, and premature aging signs by consuming bird’s nest. The vast amounts of antioxidants in the delicacy protect your skin from oxidative damage, responsible for inelastic and wrinkling skin. Bird’s nest can effectively rejuvenate your skin and keep it healthy.

4. Bird’s Nest is Great for Pregnancy
One of the most famous attributes of bird’s nest is helping women carry a successful pregnancy. Bird’s nest will keep the immune system strong while nourishing the mother and her baby. The Chinese specialty will also promote elastic skin that will handle your growing belly during pregnancy better. How about a tasty bowl of yan wo soup for the soon-to-become mom?

5. Bird’s Nest is A Fabulous Mineral Source
Swiftlets create their nests organically with their saliva, and the substance is incredibly nutritious, especially for its large amounts of minerals. Iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and many others make bird’s nest a well-rounded food. It comes without saying, adequate levels of these minerals are vital for enjoying good health.

6. Bird’s Nest is Healthy at a Cellular Level
Epidermal growth factor (EGF) was discovered in bird’s nests, which might help our bodies regenerate tissue and stimulate the creation of new cells. Healthy cell production and regeneration are beneficial at many levels, many of which we still don’t understand. Still, the results are encouraging and could lead to discovering the reason behind bird’s nest rejuvenating properties.

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