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Golden Grade Cave Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar 150g

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Pamper and indulge your mum with this smooth textured, aromatic bird’s nest with rock sugar. Naturally golden in colour, it is the perfect show of sincerity.

Our mother's day exclusive recipe is based on the fundamental principles of Chinese medicine and tonics to bring you nutrition from Chinese superfoods. Premium golden grade cave bird's nest is brewed with only rock sugar in order to enhance the natural taste of this premium bird's nest selection. Every bottle is produced in line with our commitment to the highest quality standards. We maintain our conviction to provide gourmet nourishing delight with only 100% natural ingredients and free of any preservatives. Savour the richness and nutrition of this special formulation today.

All our bird's nests come in our premium wood packaging.


Purest Nest Golden Grade Cave Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar uses only:

  • Genuine superior quality bird's nest
  • Small batch production in a Singapore cooking and bottling facility
  • All natural premium ingredients


Purest Nest Golden Grade Cave Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar is free of artificial flavouring, colouring, preservatives, synthetic stabilisers and chemical processing.


Golden cave bird's nests are packed full of minerals transferred from the rocks on the walls of caves where they are harvested from. The minerals tend to seep into the nests; giving them a beautiful golden or red colour and allowing the cave nests to contain more minerals when compared to ordinary farm bird's nest.

    Premium Bird's Nest Content:

    • 6 grams Dry Weight


    • Water
    • Rock Sugar
    • Natural Stabilizer

    Consumption Directions:

    • Recommended daily intake: 3 tablespoons
    • Best served chilled
    • Store in a cool and dry place  
    • Keep refrigerated immediately after opening
    • Shake well before consumption
    • Consume within 7 days after opening
    • To keep your Purest Nest as fresh as possible and extend shelf life, it is best to refrigerate immediately upon delivery.  

    Suitable For:

    • All ages
    • Beauty care
    • Pregnant women 
    • New mothers in post-natal recovery
    • Patients in recovery of illness or injury
    • Children (above 1 year old)
    • Seniors

    Quality Assurance

    • 100% Premium Natural Ingredients
    • No Artificial Flavourings, Colorings or Preservatives
    • No Synthetic Stabilizer
    • Pregnancy Friendly



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