The Purest Nest Story

Bringing the best natural superfoods to you.

A Simple Idea - To Create Something Better

When our co-founder was looking to buy bird's nest for his then pregnant wife, he realised that most of the ready-to-drink bird's nest products available were vague in their contents, nutritional value, sources and processes of their products.

Simple questions like how many grams of bird's nests used or where these bird's nests were from or information on the cleaning process could not be answered easily.

From The Beginning

This began a journey that took our founding team from Singapore to the fields of Sitiawan, Malaysia and bird houses of Medan, Indonesia in search of how to create the best products in the industry.

Research, development and taste trials

In 2019, The Purest Co was born to create superior products in the traditional superfoods industry, with an emphasis on raw ingredient quality, unique home-made recipes, and transparency.

Highest Quality Ingredients

Our unwavering commitment to transparency, the customer experience and high-quality products are why thousands of customers worldwide trust us.

Industry best grammage - 9 grams of pure bird's nest in each concentrated bottle
Fragrant home-made recipes passed down for generations using all-natural ingredients
Moderate sweetness levels optimise for health
Small batch cooking ensures freshness delivered from kitchen to doorstep

Signature Recipes

We have evolved to offer 4 delicious flavours. Wolfberries & Pandan, American Ginseng & Rock Sugar, Rose buds imported from Europe and Classic Rock Sugar.