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Bird's nest soup: Learn about its benefits

 Benefits of consuming bird's nest soup

This saliva-woven nest enjoys a special place in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). There are some fascinating facts and opinions about this edible product. Let’s dig into them one by one.

  • Immunity: The nest consists of a high amount of glycoproteins that help build up a weak immune system. A glycoprotein is rich in carbohydrates, which play a critical role in the development of human cells and their functions which has a positive impact on your immune system.


  • Speedy recovery: Regular consumption of bird's nest in a moderate amount allows your body to absorb its proteins and nutrients well. As a result of good nutrition, you can start to see an improvement in chronic conditions such as dry coughs and asthma. 


  • Beauty food: Bird's nest contains epidermal growth factor (EGF), which facilitates cell repair and the growth of skin and tissues. This complements your skincare routine to enhance your complexion and youthfulness.


A few tips about making your own bird’s nest soup

You can make soup by double-boiling the bird's nest along with rock sugar to give it a sweet flavor. It tastes delightful when consumed both hot or chilled. During the preparation process, a few things need to be taken in consideration, including soaking and cleaning the dry bird's nest, double-boiling it for a few hours, gathering complementary ingredients and so on.

As far as the choice of ingredients goes, you only need to start off with water and add rock sugar or organic raw honey to taste. For a richer and more flavorful soup with added health benefits, you can also add red dates, wolfberries, Korean Ginseng or American Ginseng, etc.

It can be a tedious and long process which requires care. However, if you don't want any of this hassle and just want to enjoy its goodness in comfort, then opt for ready-made products available. The Purest Co's ready-to-drink bird's nests follow all the strict food and hygiene standards to ensure the best results for consumers. 

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