Golden Health Trio: Bird&

Golden Health Trio: Bird's Nest Shots + Grapefruit Kombucha Slimming Blend + Daily Pre+Probiotic Melts

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Embrace a full-circle approach to your wellness with this specially crafted bundle. Featuring the immune-supporting Bird's Nest Shots, the metabolism-enhancing Grapefruit Kombucha Slimming Blend, and gut-balancing Daily Pre+Probiotic Melts, this pack is your ultimate ally for sustained vitality and overall well-being.

Bird’s Nest Shots: The best way to taste all our signature flavors in one box of Bird's nest shots: Pandan & Wolfberries, American Ginseng with Rock Sugar, European Rose with Rock Sugar, and the original Classic Rock Sugar. Enjoy a variety of benefits from the diversity of the ingredients in these four brews, each double-boiled to fragrant perfection with 1.5 grams of our premium bird's nests into a thick and delightful concoction.

  • 42g x 4 Bottles 
  • 100% genuine premium edible Bird’s Nest
  • Cooked to perfection with traditional recipes
  • Prepared in an FDA-registered facility in Singapore
  • Risk-free money-back guarantee
  • Ethically harvested from abandoned nests

Grapefruit & Kombucha Slimming Blend: Expertly crafted to support weight management and overall wellness from within. Every scoop contains a potent mix of Grapefruit, Guarana seed, and Citrus & Blood Orange extracts, carefully selected for their high polyphenol content to aid in metabolism enhancement and fat burning.

  • 30 Servings - 1 Month Supply
  • Proprietary blend of Grapefruit, Guarana, Citrus & Blood Orange extracts
  • Infused with Prebiotic Fiber, Kombucha, L-Arabinose & Red Beets Plant-based/Vegan formulation
  • Formulated to support Weight Management
  • Prepared in an FDA-registered facility in Malaysia
  • Risk-free money-back guarantee

Daily Pre+Probiotic Melts: Our melt-in-your-mouth blend of prebiotics and probiotics offers a delightful cranberry taste while delivering exceptional results, such as reduced bloating, improved bowel movement, alleviated gut & digestive issues, and repair of gut lining & leaky gut.

  • 30 Sachets in one box - 1 Month Supply
  • 15 billion CFUs of Probiotics
  • 7 patented Probiotics Strains
  • 2 kinds of Prebiotics
  • Formulated to improve gut microflora, reduce bloating, improve digestive & intestinal functions, restore gut lining
  • Prepared in an FDA-registered facility in Taiwan
  • Risk-free money-back guarantee

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