The Purest Process

From farm to fork, delivering direct from our kitchen to your doorstep.


Our nests are from farms spanning across the Indonesian archipelago and concentrated in Java Island, Sumatra and Borneo.

Our bird's nest houses are located near pristine rain forests which provides for ample food supply for the resident Swiftlets, and deliberately located away from polluted areas which ensures a higher degree of purity in the nests harvested.

We adopt a sustainable practice of nest harvesting where only nests of birds whose young-lings have left the nests are harvested.

Harvesting & Cleaning

The processing of our bird's nests occur in Indonesia; bird's nests harvest find its way into one of two central processing processing facilities. Our processing facilities adhere strictly to a 100% natural dry-pick methodology; a manual, man-hour intensive and thus expensive process, but ultimately the best methodology from a product quality standpoint.

The bird's nest industry is fraught with players who employ the usage of bleach or glue to speed up the cleaning process or to meld nests together to achieve a fully appearance. Such practices adversely affect the quality of product and present a health-risk to consumers.

Cooking & Bottling

Our ready-to-drink bird's nests are cooked and bottled in facilities in Singapore adhering to strict HACCP standards. HACCP sets out the requirements and certification for food safety management systems; our facility is required to demonstrate the ability to control food safety hazards in order to ensure the foods are safe for consumption.

We commit strictly to the overarching guidelines and management systems to ensure our products are safe.

Signature Recipes

We have evolved to offer 4 delicious flavours. Wolfberries & Pandan, American Ginseng & Honey Rock Sugar, Rose buds imported from Europe and Classic Rock Sugar.