5 Reasons to Try Purest Nest in 2020

An indulgence of Chinese Empresses of old, bird's nest a.k.a "Caviar of the East" is a highly nutritious and luxurious superfood harvested from South-East Asian swiftlets.

Rich in glycoproteins and amino acids, bird’s nests are prized for improving skin complexion, anti-ageing properties, muscle, tissue and cell recovery.

Here are 5 reasons why you should incorporate our ready-to-drink bird's nest in your diet:

1. Bird's Nest is a Nutritional Powerhouse

Research have shown that edible bird's nest is rich in many different highly nutritious ingredients and essential proteins. The high concentration of these proteins in bird's nest have made them a prized superfood for pregnant mothers, young children and women!

Our ready-to-drink bird’s nest is a convenient way to reap the nutritional benefits of premium bird’s nest that:
•    Develop and maintain healthy joints
•    Nurture the skin and promote anti-ageing
•    Reduce the level of stress and lethargy
•    Nourish lungs and elevate the immune system
•    Replenish vitality

2. Our Bird's Nests are Ethically Sourced

By focusing on quality, we source only from the best farms in Adipurna, Indonesia – the largest bird’s nest producer globally.

Our bird’s nests are sourced in an ethical and sustainable manner manner where only nests of birds whose young-lings have left the nests are harvested.


3. We Employ Stringent Processing Standards

The bird's nest industry is fraught with players who employ the usage of bleach or glue to speed up the cleaning process. Such practices may present a health risk to consumers.

Our processing facilities adhere strictly to a 100% natural dry-pick methodology, ensuring safe consumption for our customers.

4. Our Products are Made in Singapore

Our bird's nests are cooked and bottled to fragrant perfection in our kitchen in Singapore adhering to strict ISO22000:2005 and HACCP standards. We commit strictly to the overarching guidelines and management systems to ensure our products are safe for consumption.

5. We Use 100% Natural Ingredients

We use only 100% natural ingredients in the formulation of our bird's nest products; a commitment we made to bring a healthier choice to market. Our products are free of preservatives, artificial colouring, synthetic stabilisers and chemical processing.