3 Benefits You Didn't Know About Consuming Ginseng Regularly

Is Ginseng Only Meant For The Elderly?

If fatigue is a recurring problem in your busy life...

Ginseng might be the solution for the modern day working woman

Younger people have begun consuming ginseng as a pick-me-up due to reports on Korean celebrities that ginseng is their secret to staying energized amidst their busy schedules.

Singaporeans are not only sleep deprived, but they are also among the most stressed at work globally, according to a wellness survey in 2019. The stress from work can be physically and mentally draining for most if not all of us.

The last thing we need when it comes to work is to fall ill, and especially at a critical time like this, a strong immune system is essential.

Here are 3 benefits to taking ginseng regularly:

1.Increase energy levels and fight tiredness

Ginseng is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to replenish qi. It contains carbohydrates and amino acids that increase oxygenation in cells to produce more energy and combat fatigue.

2.Benefit brain functions

Ginsenosides (the major constituent of ginseng) have been found to enhance neuronal activity and brain protection effects mainly due to their unique nerve growth factor and various signaling pathways.

3.Boost immune system

Research has confirmed that ginseng stimulates cytokine secretion and antibody production (the proteins that regulate inflammation in the body).

These help our immune system resist illness or microbial attacks due to environmental stress and oxidation.

Enjoy the benefits of ginseng with Purest Nest

Our Bird's Nest with American Ginseng & Honey Rock Sugar in ready-to-drink bottles lets you enjoy both the health benefits of ginseng and the goodness of bird's nest.

We tweaked a traditional recipe and taste tested with dozens of people to finalize our formula that minimizes any bitter ginseng taste. The result is a fragrant and pleasantly sweet soup that is delicious with every spoonful of smooth bird's nest.

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Benefits Of Taking Bird's Nest Regularly

Superfood of the Empresses

Rich in EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) that stimulates tissue repair to maintain smooth and radiant skin.

Improves Function of Lungs

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bird’s Nest is commonly used to clear phlegm and ease chronic dry coughs (or even asthma).

Nutrient Rich

Contains proteins, amino acids and minerals essential for healthy cell development at all ages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the quantity in each bottle?

Each bottle is 150g and made from 9g of Premium Dry Bird's Nest.  

  • 150g bottle size
  • 5 servings per bottle
  • 30g per serving or 2 tablespoons


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